My Kingdom for a Horse

Nicolás Haro's brother, Kinchu, Burghie Westmorland and Alexander (Photo: Mercedes Aguilar Camacho)

Nicolás’s brother, Kinchu, Burghie Westmorland & Alexander Fiske-Harrison (Photo: Mercedes Aguilar Camacho)

Seville, Spain: Nicolás Haro’s exhibition at SICAB – Salón Internacional del Caballo de Pura Raza Española, ‘international salon of the thoroughbred horses of Spain’ – of his photos was a huge success. I only hope that our idea of turning this into a book, with his photos accompanied by my words – some of them are already in my foreword to his exhibition catalogue here – becomes a reality. Then, I can also embark on my book on wolves and humans and continue my on-going coverage of man’s relationship with the rest of the Animal Kingdom. Nicolás’s interview in the Spanish national newspaper, ABC, is below. Here’s some of what he has to say in English…

—What do you remember of Alexander Fiske[-Harrison]?
— He became a friend and has participated with an article in the catalogue of ‘équema’. So has José Antonio Sánchez Cousteau (jockey and writer) with another interesting article.

—But Fiske lived here in Sevilla and wanted to be a bullfighter. Did he ever tread the sand of a bullring?

– (Laughs) I believe so. Yes, he got to tread the sand. And he killed a bull. Nothing less than a Saltillo [an old and famously tricky and dangerous breed of Spanish fighting bull]

Nicolas y yo en ABC sobre caballos

There was one guest missing at this feast, this fiesta, and a brief shadow was cast on it as a result. However, the sun still shone, the guitar still played, the bulls still charged and the Guadalquivir continued to flow.

Qué pasa tío?

Nada. Nada de importancia. Vamos a tomar una copa mis amigos…

Alexander Fiske-Harrison

From the Daily Telegraph, Dec. 10, 2013

From the Daily Telegraph, Dec. 10, 2013

Daily Telegraph
by Tim Walker
10 December 2013

Gracious Farewell

Alexander Fiske-Harrison wryly observed yesterday that the life of the matador is the “loneliest of all” callings.

The affable Old Etonian bullfighting expert has broken up with Lord Brocket’s girl, Antalya Nall-Cain, his girlfriend of two and a half years. The former model – Brocket’s daughter by his first wife, Isa – braved the Pamplona Bull Run with him earlier this year, when he kept her out of harm’s way.

Alexander, who, at 37 was 12 years her senior, says her absence has cast a “shadow” over a fiesta he attended, but, gent that he is, he now wishes her what the friends of the toreros say to them as they enter the rings: Suerte (good luck).

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